Established in 2008

We bought the car in 2004, we didn’t have to fully restore the car as it was in fairly good condition when we bought it.

However the car was in need of a complete maintenance service.

The exterior had been hand painted in Blue and the interior was in very poor repair, a previous owner had covered the seats with a dark brown pvc. Not really in keeping with a prestige vintage motor car.

The running boards and wings were in reasonable condition, so we didn’t have to repaint them. Although the rest of the body was taken back to bare metal and repainted in an Ivory colour to give good contrast in photos.

We then had the interior completely ripped out and had the headlining replaced along with recovering the seats, door cards and new carpet.

We’d like to think that so far we are bringing the car back, not to its original condition but to a point in time where a 90 year old Rolls Royce should be.

Please click on the pictures below to see before and after restoration.