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It's Never Easy To Say Goodbye


Releasing a funeral dove pays a moving tribute to a loved one who has passed. Respectfully creating tender memories for those left behind.

The dove also brings a sense of soulful serenity to soothe the hearts of family and friends. A funeral is a time for remembering, celebrating and rejoicing the life of a loved one.


A solitary dove gracefully

Released represents a peaceful and onward journey of the spirit; some mourners share a moment of solitude with a dove snuggled to their chest before releasing it to the skies, while others prefer to release from one of our elegant white dove carriers.

Family members can release individual doves with a solitary thought of farewell.

Personal paper messages can be attached to the dove's leg before they take flight.

A pair of doves

Symbolise one soul joining another, a partnership reunited for eternity.




A flock of doves (10 - 100)

Released from a floral decorated white wicker basket represents a celebration of life and simply bids a united farewell by family members and friends.

Funerals can be especially difficult for children, who may be struggling to understand death, so releasing a dove at graveside, or at the crematorium or even at home provides a lasting image and a beautiful memory to hold forever.



The trinity

Release creates an escort to eternity: three doves ascend to await a fourth dove, which is released to symbolise the parting spirit and they all fly on together.